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SITE Bylaws 2020

Membership of this Chapter shall be unlimited in number but restricted to individuals who:

  1. Serve in an executive or management position as principals, members or employees of any firm or corporation engaged in the design, promotion, sale, administration, operation or development of travel incentives or who similarly provide non-travel related rewards for motivational programs, and who have a reputation for integrity and sound character and agree to abide by SITE’s Bylaws and Code of Ethics and such other rules, regulations or practices as may be adopted;
  2. Reside within the geographical area of the Chapter as defined by the Chapter in its Chapter Agreement;
  3. Are committed to furthering the objectives of the Chapter at the time of their admission into membership, and continue to be so committed;
  4. Comply with all membership application procedures required by SITE and receive final membership approval by SITE’s Board of Directors, provided that applicants who are not recommended for membership by the Chapter may appeal directly to the SITE Board of Directors.